Pamilearner Tremolo Exercise

Here is an exercise that I use.

Thoughout this exercise - play a, m and i on the open 2nd (B) string and p on the 9th fret of the 4th string.

Set the metronome to 96.

Play the sequence "i p a m" evenly in each tick - accenting the i and make the tick of the metronome co-incide with the i. Do this 32 times. I use a different left hand finger (on the 4th string) every 8 beats. This helps to count out the 32 beats.

Play the sequence "m i p a" accenting the m and make the tick of the metronome co-incide with the m. Do this 32 times.

Play the sequence "a m i p" similarly - 32 times. ( I sometimes do this one a little more because my "a" finger tends to be weaker.)

Repeat for metronome markings of 100, 108, 116, 126, 138, 152, 168, 184, and 200. Stop when it gets too fast for you but always push your limit even if it gets a bit uneven. I used to stop at 138 when starting out. Don't ever miss the slower ones to save time.


- use open G and 10th fret on A string and (rarely) use open E and 9th fret on G string.

- play loudly/softly (this one is important -especially the "loudly" part)

- ponti or dolce tone

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